The Qobo CRM platform has been built with your processes in mind. We provide you with the core CRM modules that any system may provide, but at the same time we can rapidly adjust the system to accommodate all your processes and provide a system that meets your precise needs.

It operates on generic objects and relationships which can be extended to represent any business entity or relationship e.g. leads, opportunities, transactions, assets, etc.

The Qobo CRM also extends its capability beyond normal CRM functionality with the ability to provide for business workflows, data transformation logic, document management, content management and more.

Built with a modern software architecture, the Qobo CRM offers advanced UI, responsive views for mobile and tablet, high-performance, a powerful ORM, a flexible API, and uses the MVC approach to separate data, business logic and presentation.

We offer both cloud-based and on-premise hosting options for you at effective prices while delivering the extended value that you require from your CRM.