/′ kōbō/

a consulting services and software house that specialises in business process management and bespoke software development




Our Cloud Services offer you and your organisation amazing opportunities to enhance your infrastructure, rapidly deploy new solutions, decrease your costs, understand your ROI, and scale as you grow at the click of a button.


Qobo’s portfolio of Software applications can be offered as a stand-alone product or on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. Our SaaS offering allows you to:

  • Remove the headache of capital expenditure
  • Remove the headache of depreciation monitoring
  • Remove the need for maintenance contracts
  • Choose from easy to understand subscription services
  • Upgrade or downgrade the scale of your solution at any point
  • Implement solutions that do not inhibit your immediate cash flow

Simply choose your solution, subscribe to it and run it straight from the cloud…no pain, no hassle, just solutions!


Information Technology is not about buying expensive customer solutions but about preserving capital, reducing risk, and achieving competitive parity by “subscribing” to industry best practices. Qobo’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering allows you to achieve all of this as follows:
  • Securely and seamlessly expand your own infrastructure into the cloud with on-demand infrastructure, including:
    • Virtual Machines - Deploy a Windows Server or Linux image in the cloud
    • Mobile Services through a scalable cloud backend for building Windows Store, Windows Phone, Apple iOS, Android, and HTML/JavaScript applications.
    • Web Applications through a scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure. You can quickly scale up and out or even scale automatically to meet your application needs.
    • Managed and unmanaged services
  • Scalable and adaptable to your changing business needs
  • Best price/performance ratios and end-to-end support.
  • Enterprise-ready Active Directory cloud identity services enabling single sign-on


Qobo offers online hosting services depending on the type of hosting required:

  • Shared Hosting Services – Low cost web hosting services designed to cover standard website hosting
  • VPS Hosting Services – Virtual Private Server Hosting to cover more demanding web hosting needs and complex, back-end driven websites
  • Cloud Hosting – A versatile hosting platform that allows you to have powerful, scalable and reliable hosting based on clustered load-balanced servers and utility type billing
  • Managed or unmanaged services
  • Only reputable, well established Cloud and Hosting partners with performance track records

Office 365

As a Microsoft business partner, Qobo promotes Microsoft’s Office 365 Cloud-based IT services which include:

  • Business class e-mail (Microsoft Exchange)
  • File sharing
  • Desktop Office (Microsoft Office)
  • Mobile Office
  • Web conferencing (Microsoft Lync):
    • Video conferencing
    • Screen sharing
    • Instant messaging
  • Intranet sites
  • Flexibility to scale up/down as necessary without any capital investment being required
  • Improved employee collaboration
  • Reduced business risk with:
    • Business grade archiving/retrieval
    • 99.9% uptime SLA



Our Mobility offerings increases the productivity of your workforce by allowing 24X7 access to Enterprise critical applications over any device. We also build innovative mobile applications that capture niche markets for you and we make sure that all your internet content is device responsive.

Responsive Web

We design websites with mobility in mind, in essence, websites that can respond to their environment. Qobo applies a Responsive Web Design (RWD) methodology which is aimed at crafting sites to provide optimal viewing across a wide range of devices; from desktop computer monitors to tablets and smartphones. We ensure:

  • The design of adaptable layouts that are based on flexible components such as fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images and Server side components
  • The application of “Mobile First” strategies so that each new design is considered with RWD from conception
  • The application of performance enhancement techniques for faster loading times on smaller devices and an uncompromised viewing experience

Official data now shows that more people access the internet via mobile devices rather than from a PC, making RWD an increasingly important consideration in today’s world.

Mobile Applications

At Qobo, we pride ourselves on our expertise with web technologies which allows us to create bespoke mobile applications for you. We provide:

  • Creative applications that we build together with you to differentiate you in the market-place
  • Apps that work on iOS, Android and Windows 8
  • Guidance on how to build an application with a purpose rather than just presenting a redesign of your website
  • Static and animated applications
  • Apps with Social media integration
  • Apps that work hand-in-hand with social media marketing to provide the best ROI for you
  • Quick implementation timeframes

Enterprise Mobility

Businesses are today shifting from ‘fixed-location’ entities and converting their workforce into roaming warriors thus unlocking immense value. Every Qobo Solution has an optional Enterprise Mobility module that allows you to:

  • Access data on the move
  • Go a step further and have access to applications and services that empower you to be just as productive whether you are in or out of the office
  • Create new business concepts that are based on mobility and use context-driven and location- aware data
  • Create applications that allow for more efficient management of remote resources and for reduced operational costs i.e. time management and expenses management for mobile workforce
  • Gain a competitive advantage through improved service delivery and improved productivity improvement i.e. information on the go
  • Enable business continuity even if you are on the move
  • Provide your end users with greater flexibility. Increased mobility results to higher job satisfaction, and improvements in efficiency and productivity i.e. register new customers in your CRM from a trade show or in your hotel room.



Our e-commerce offering brings your shop window to the world using elegant design, advanced security, and payment mechanisms of choice. We give you the tools you need to change your content as necessary, offer the multiple languages you need, and control and monitor your stock. And we make sure your customers love spending time in your online shop.


At Qobo, we take great care when designing your e-commerce storefront to ensure that:
  • Your homepage has a great emotional impact and keeps your potential purchaser on your site
  • Navigation is intuitive, simple and contains the minimal amount of clicks to get your shopper checked-out as quickly as possible
  • Special offers are present throughout to attract your bargain customers
  • Categories are intelligently designed to exhibit your multitude of products
  • Emotional triggers are positioned in subtle areas to trigger an “add to basket” response
Our graphics team works dilligently with you to ensure that your shop window has the best overall creative design possible.

Content Management System

Our Qobo e-commerce Content Management System (CMS) provides you with the following features:

  • Complete control over the content on your web site
  • The ability to change and update your content on a regular basis which will not only give your business the appearance of being alive and more active, but will also assist search engines in finding you as they give emphasis on new and fresh content
  • Store your information in a database system where access control mechanisms can more easily restrict access to your content, thereby providing better protection for your site's content from many common and standard web site attacks
  • Allows you to make changes to your site in real time if you wish. You can make quick adjustments when needed to continually improve your site's effectiveness.
  • Add public components to allow your customers to contact you directly through your web site
  • Provide further conveniences to your customers by allowing them to register. By retaining the necessary information by customer you can allow for better service, targeted advertising and faster check-out times.
  • Make sure that you still benefit from having a professional designer produce the look and feel of your site and its overall presentation. At the same time, you reserve the role of producing the content for yourself.

Online Payment Processing

Internet users expect speed and convenience. They want your online shop to be open 24/7. To truly achieve that we give you Online Payment processing through integration with popular Payment Gateways such as JCC, PayPal and others. With Qobo’s e-commerce OPP feature, we provide you with:
  • Immediate payment allowing your clients to use their credit cards and debit cards for making real-time payments
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption which is deployed to encrypt all transaction information to be sent between your client’s browser and your e-commerce site (including the payment gateway services)
  • The ability to allow your clients to be able to make purchases on their own without reliance on another individual. No wait times or approval times.
  • Eliminate the need and cost of processing transactions manually
  • Inspire confidence to your customer with a well run operation
  • Eliminate costs and risks that stem from payment on delivery
  • Provide an efficient process for return of funds

Stock Management

Managing an online store without the necessary automations can result in great inefficiencies and errors. Qobo’s Stock Management module allows you to:

  • Manage product availability in real time
  • Eliminate exposure by setting ‘early warning’ thresholds on product quantities
  • Manage promotions and offers
  • Recognise when a customer has bought a product
  • Respond quickly to market trends through immediate price management
  • Integration with existing inventory management systems

At Qobo, we ensure that ample time is spent with you in the business analysis phase of stock management, as it is a key factor in the success of your e-commerce site.

Website Analytics

Our Qobo Website Analytics module provides you with statistical information on all user behavioural traits on your site. We ensure that you receive information on all the following:
  • How much time people spend on your site
  • Which pages are the most popular
  • How many people access your website from a PC, mobile or tablet device
  • Visitor to client conversion rate
  • Reports on what stages visitors get to (i.e. so many visitors added items to their basket but did not proceed to check-out, etc.)
  • Busiest shopping hours, shopping days
  • A plethora of further statistics

Order Management & Security

Qobo helps you to effectively manage your electronic store sales in a secure and effective manner as follows:
  • View orders
  • Create invoice/receipt and shipment records for Sales Orders
  • Issue Credit Memos (refunds) for customers
  • Provide the administrator with manual override facilities to handle:
    • Telephone order creation on behalf of a client
    • Amendment of existing orders
    • Creation of new customers
    • Provision of discounts
    • Assignment of custom prices
  • View full order history
  • Email notification of new orders
  • Strong password rules
  • HTTPS/SSL for all pages that require authentication
  • Admin access restriction to only approved IPs




Our Creative Web product family brings innovative design to your customers. Listening carefully to your ideas, our creative team brings them to life. We’ll build your website, portal or web application according to your inspirations and aspirations.

Web Design

At Qobo, we design websites that reflect the inspiration behind your company and how you would want your customers to view your organisation. We spend a myriad of time understanding what’s important for you and how your business works so that when we undertake the design process we are sure that we encapsulate everything and more that you aspire for in your web presence. We believe creative design is the key, and we have an in-house graphics designer that works with our web developers to give you a final product that we are sure will exceed your expectations.


At Qobo, we design and implement advanced portals for our clients that provide a broad array of services. We offer:
  • Generic portals that include a collaborative suite of blogs, wiki, mail, and calendar portlets
  • Vertical portals for a specific market, industry, or subject area
  • Powerful, integrated, and content-driven web experiences:
    • Managed Pages simplify the creation and management of portal pages and web content using a new integrated toolbar
  • Mobility with multichannel experiences
  • Enablement of social communication where and when it can most influence communication & productivity:
    • OpenID Authentication enables portal users to authenticate with public social network credentials, such as a Facebook ID
  • Collection of critical business data from anywhere to create powerful, integrated web experiences:
    • Integrate with ECM and other systems through Web Content Manager support for the CMIS standard

White Label

Qobo’s White Label Website Portal Solution provides a unique proposition when it comes to white labelling, with the ability to run multiple unbranded external sites from a single platform. Features of our website White Label system:

  • Multiple template based website designs or xml based feeds for website module based integration
  • Custom branding capabilities on both the website and the content
  • Single content control repository for multiple sites
  • Multilingual
  • Qobo CRM native integration for product management and pricing, enquiry management etc.
  • Qobo ECM native integration for content management and distribution

Partner Concierge Portal

Our Qobo Partner Concierge portal provides great value for partners that are in different time zones to you or have different working hours. The portal provides your partners with:
  • Log-in and authentication services
  • Access to marketing and sales collateral
  • Ability to register clients
  • Ability to upload partner logo and to add it to unbranded collateral
  • Multilingual interface
  • Access to latest PR and news bulletins

Client Portal

Qobo’s unique Client Portal system allows your customers to have their own bespoke website that contains all information relevant to their purchase including:

  • Product they purchased
  • Media content associated with the product they purchased
  • Statement of accounts
  • Messaging system with customer support department
  • After-sales services available
  • Promotions applicable to existing customers

Qobo’s Client Portal allows your organisation to truly differentiate itself by offering the ultimate in customer service to a client.


When taking your brand into the world of web, the authenticity of your brand needs to be maintained and creatively evolved to serve your clients online. By listening to your business needs and understanding what message you want to go to market with, Qobo will create your online brand presence and maximise your impact on the market. Our holistic approach for branding, design and web development helps you achieve great results online.




Our Enterprise product family contains an array of solutions that provide a robust platform for your company. We provide new ways for you to manage your customers, staff and information that will give you the cutting-edge on decision making.

Customer Relationship Management

Qobo’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System provides the following features:
  • Complete contact management database
  • Capture of Leads, Opportunities & Sales with conversion mechanisms as the client proceeds through the sales process
  • Microsoft Exchange integration for tracking all emails sent to potential customers
  • Timeline management for each potential customer capturing every contact point of the customer with the company during the sales lifecycle
  • Remote access to CRM from any location in the world
  • Email triggers to remind salespeople to contact a customer
  • Intuitive and friendly user interface
  • Foundation for campaign management and intelligent mass mailing
  • Reporting of time taken to respond to a potential client. For example, time taken to respond once an enquiry is left on the company website
  • Reporting on all important company ratios: leads to opportunities, opportunities to sales, leads to sales, source conversion rates
  • Seamless integration with all other Qobo systems

Staff Management

Qobo’s Staff Management Solution provides an efficient mechanism for any company to monitor their workforce and allocate resources. Features include:
  • An easy to use, comprehensive graphical user interface that provides an instant snapshot of what all resources are assigned to at any given point
  • When used in a Sales environment, provides the user with information about which appointment a salesperson is allocated to. The details of the appointment can be automatically extracted from the Qobo CRM
  • Checks and notifies of potential scheduling conflicts
  • Works with the Qobo CRM notifications engine for reminders of upcoming events and conflicts
  • Monitors vacation, medical leave, and training days
  • For industries that work with shifts such as hospitality and manufacturing, a costing module is provided that provides the total cost of the shift to the organisation

Mass Mailing & Campaign Management

Qobo’s Mass Mailing solution allows you to take complete advantage of the most efficient and cost-effective marketing tool in today’s world for many organisations:

  • The ability to build a campaign and send emails to thousands of customers
  • Avoidance of all common spam filters
  • Analysis of sending results
  • Multiple Rich Templates and the ability to build custom templates
  • Built in ability to merge with Qobo’s CRM or any other third party CRM for more specific campaign management (sending to filtered categories of clients)

Enterprise Content Management

Qobo’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution specialises in managing all information throughout an organisation as follows:

  • Capture of all documents
  • Presentation of content through a company intranet
  • Organisation of content by department, function, geography or any other structure specified
  • Secure access to content from any location in the world
  • Version control
  • Workflows and approval processes
  • External portal capability for content collaboration
  • Personal customisation for each user’s workspace
  • Intuitive and friendly user interface
  • Discussion forums
  • Controlled access to departmental information

Human Resource Management

Qobo’s Human Resource Management (HRM) Solution is a web-based system that provides for an all-encompassing, feature-rich HR application that includes the following modules:
  • Administration Module
  • Leave Management Module
  • Personal Information Management
  • Time and Attendance
  • Benefits Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Performance Management
  • Reporting Module
  • Ability to interface with external systems such as payroll, accounting systems, etc.

Real Estate Asset Management

Qobo’s Real Estate Asset Management (REAM) system provides Property Developers with the ability to manage assets such as land with their corresponding finance information and development information as follows:
  • Accurately and efficiently catalogue all land information along with its associated Land Registry information and the projects that are built on that land
  • Associate information from disparate sources that relate to this land i.e. Loans and mortgages from the company’s financial system, client information from the CRM, contract information from the contracts repository system, etc.
  • Report intelligently and accurately against this information with the foremost focus being the Company Exposure and Asset Value (current and projected)
  • Access to all the above reporting information at the click of a button which otherwise could be a timely exercise if having to collect pieces of information from disparate systems




Our Process Optimisation product family equips you with advanced solutions to optimise your workflows, eliminate redundant work, and get rid of paper. We provide digital solutions that have the ability to significantly decrease costs for you.

Business Intelligence

Many organizations have valuable information scattered across disparate applications and databases. Qobo’s Business Intelligence solution allows you to:
  • Gain coordinated visibility in one report of scattered information in disparate systems
  • Collect and analyse information about:
    • Company Key Performance Indicators
    • Sales performance versus costs
    • Customer services versus costs
    • Performance by geography, product, source, function, etc.
  • Consistent reporting across company data at the push of a button with drill down capabilities
  • Dashboard information with advanced graphics for monitoring all critical information
  • Benchmarking against industry standard KPIs


Qobo’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) provides you with the ability to quickly and efficiently move data through your infrastructure and across multiple systems in your organisation. Qobo’s SOA allows you to:
  • Establish existing and new application interoperability and create new derivative functionality through the implementation of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Have a software design architecture based on structured collections of discrete software modules, known as services that give you the functionality required to built a larger software application
  • Use Public Services for simultaneous use and easy mutual data exchange between programs from different vendors without needing to make changes to the services
  • Integrate widely disparate applications and use multiple implementation platforms
  • Achieve Master Data Management and Data Distribution Services across multiple systems and keep your records in synch and up to date (Combine SOA with ETL services to achieve Data Management across systems)
Qobo operates using SOA and helps organisations adopt this methodology, providing them with the building blocks needed to create a larger, information-rich, and interoperable environment between existing and new systems.


Qobo’s e-form solution provides you with the right tools to collect, analyse and design form-based information as follows:

  • Form design using a WYSIWYG drag and drop editor
  • Centralised User management
  • External data import for extended and targeted forms functionality i.e. CRM data
  • Native integration capability with Qobo CRM
  • Form distribution via iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices for mobile use
  • Form distribution via all major browsers
  • OLAP ready results for BI analysis
  • Integration with any OLAP driven BI
  • Native integration with Qobo’s BI platform with standard and custom reports provided
  • Choose between an on-premise implementation or a Cloud Infrastructure (both as IaaS or SaaS).

Qobo’s e-form solution provides you with the ability to design complex forms as well as collect and analyse the form data in an intuitive and easy to use interface.

Electronic Capture & Indexing

Qobo’s Electronic Capture & Indexing (ECI) Solution provides you with the following features:
  • Ability to scan and index documents according to desired search metadata fields
  • Set the foundations for converting all physical documents in an organisation to an electronic archive
  • Establish easy Search and Retrieve functionality against the electronic representation of the original physical paper archive.
  • Protect your valuable paper assets in digital form
  • Decentralise and distribute information that was traditionally stationary
  • Access the electronic data via other Qobo systems such as Qobo ECM or Qobo CRM


Effective Customer Support is a difficult process to manage. It’s very often plagued by large paper trails, manual reporting, limited tracking and slow responses. Qobo’s Customer Complaint Management System (CCMS) is a support and ticketing service that is present online for both your clients and employees to use. Qobo’s CCMS allows you to:

  • Automatically register and catalogue client complaints requests through a web- based system
  • Enable “self-service” type registration of tickets
  • Enable quick ticket registration by any employee for quick customer support, be it a receptionist, office clerk, salesperson, or customer support individual
  • Carry out full process auditing for performance measurement and improvement
  • Allocate tickets to the correct department or employee for quick resolution
  • Automate client updates for increased customer confidence
  • Provide rules-driven, automated notifications and reminders for increased follow-up efficiency
  • Provide native integration with the Qobo CRM and Qobo Client Portal for enhanced customer support and exact product and services matching